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$1 Million Prize, Andrea Pirlo Welcomes Fans to Board the Crypto-express

Dubai, UAE, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency has surged into the mainstream in recent years largely because of an explosion in the value of Bitcoin. While practical use cases still need to be explored, there are ways crypto and sport, particularly football, intertwine seductively.

Since the official appointment of CoinW's global brand ambassador, the renowned Italian retired footballer has reconnected with his fans beyond the football pitch. Following the announcement by both parties, the CoinW X Pirlo Campaign has reached an impressive 170k users and 15.7% engagement rate within just one week, showing that the retired footballer remains firmly in the public eye.

As a professional soccer athlete, Pirlo has raised nearly every major trophy in soccer realm, from the World Cup to two UEFA Super Cups. Yet, these accolades pale in comparison to the lifelong dream he realized by playing at the Maracanã for Italy in the 2013 Confederations Cup. The free-kick he scored that day transcended personal fantasy, beyond anything that only his childhood self had dared to dream.

Apart from being a dreamer, he is also a dependable teammate. He's the player others instinctively pass the ball to, trusting him to create goal opportunities. Clubs where Pirlo has worked have also appreciated him remaining impervious to gossip.  It is this blend of qualities that CoinW sees mirrored in its brand vision. Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology, CoinW was established with the vision of democratizing finance backed with top-notch security. Seven years since its inception, CoinW has made significant strides towards this goal, empowering 10 million users to embrace crypto as a way of life and grow their wealth.

Looking back, one may hard to pinpoint precisely when Pirlo transcended from domestic darling to global star. Was it the 2006 World Cup victory, or perhaps the Panenka penalty to deceive Joe Hart at Euro 2012? For CoinW, the journey towards center stage in the global crypto landscape is crystal clear, beginning with a commitment to worldwide compliance, thought leadership sharing, and sponsorship of industry conferences. Most importantly, it is driven by an unwavering dedication to making smart trading accessible to all.

Through its partnership with Andrea Pirlo, CoinW aims to onboard more new users as the bull run gains momentum. To kickstart this endeavor, CoinW is launching the $1M bonus "Champion's Arena" trading competition, with $200k designated for new users to embark on their trading journey. Together with these two legends, we aspire to turn your dreams into reality.

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