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NFT Royalties: Why artists love them, and traders don’t
NFT Artists Are Not Selling ‘Digital Art Objects.’ They Are Selling a Story
Milady Maker—A Look Into The Seedy Underbelly Of NFT Art
Music NFT startup HitPiece relaunches with artist partners months after being labelled a scam
WISe.ART featuring world premiere iconic Antonio Banderas limited edition of NFTs “The Magic ...
WISe.ART featuring world premiere iconic Antonio Banderas limited edition of NFTs “The Magic World of Antonia Banderas”
Crypto Art Market Hitting New Highs By 2028
Sotheby's and Metagolden bring NFT Jewelry to the Global Stage in Inaugral Jewelry Auction
artnet AG: Artnet Publishes 20
Why NFT Creators and Collectors Can’t Stop Talking About Artist Royalties
Artist Ryder Ripps Claims Lawsuit Over Bored Ape NFTs Is Being Used to Silence Him
Upcoming Drops: August 16-22
Anna Delvey | But I Never Thought That You Would Take It This Far — Flaunt Magazine
Transcendence: Why NFTs Are the Future of the Art World
French Artist Julien Durix Launches His Genesis NFT Collection 'Like a Brush'
Architect Lucien Kroll Dies at 95, Embattled Orlando Museum Faces Patron Exodus, and More: Morning Links for August 14, 2022
Damien Hirst Is Burning 1,000 Artworks For An NFT Project - Maxim
NFT art offers new avenues for creativity - and cash
Why this digital artist chose to build on Cosmos and what she expects from web3
This Week In Techdirt History: August 7th – 13th
8 Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy During the Crypto Dip
From Applebee's to the nation of Tuvalu, these are the 5 weirdest Web3 pivots
Why “NFTism” is life itself: Interview with Kenny Schachter
Street Art: The New Link Between Virtual and IRL NFT Experiences?
Blockchain Music App ‘Single’ Announces Collaboration With Shopify, Normalizing NFTs For Creators
Undervalued: Streetlab Genesis, Keepers of the Inn, CyberBrokers, and More
OpenSea Invests 100k to Bring New NFT Art to Life With FWB DAO
Instagram Is Getting Into NFTs Months After They Crashed. Artists Are Wary But Hopeful.
Bybit Unveils Specialized NFT Portal GrabPic, Demonstrating Unwavered Commitment Toward NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse
How To Buy NFTs – Forbes Advisor
NFT Show Europe maps out the metaverse by connecting blockchain innovators with immersive digital artists
Why Are Art Investors Suddenly Ravenous for Dinosaurs? A Q&A With Nicolai Frahm, a Collector With Scientists on Speed Dial
WISe.ART to auction iconic NFT of Antonio Banderas at the 2022 Starlite Porcelanosa Gala Ceremony in Marbella on August 14, 2022
TikTok's Ad Stumbles; an NFT Artist on Crypto Twitter, Philanthropy and Diversity
Paris Gallery Cuts Ties With Toxic Curator, a Look at Nathan Fielder’s Art Tastes, And More Juicy Art-World Gossip
Artist Interview: NurArt
Pushing the Boundaries of the Conventional, Decentraland Presents Metaverse Art Week 2022: The World is Made of Code
REBELLICCA NFT Artist Interview
'Mum, I don't want war': Children's drawings from Ukraine displayed alongside those from Poland in 1946
Embrace the cryptoart but beware of the bubbles
As CryptoPunks NFT Owners Get Commercial Rights, Yuga Hopes to Secure Their ‘Legacy as Artwork'
Billionaire Ken Griffin Outbid Crypto Collective for the U.S. Constitution to ‘Protect’ It
Young Artist Earns Over $350,000 in Just Ten Months with Her NFT Images
NFT Naruto Museum Foundation: Exclusive Agreement Signed for Metaverse and NFT Rights to Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys
NFT Naruto Museum Foundation: Exclusive Agreement Signed for Metaverse and NFT Rights to Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys
OpenSea Just Gave $100,000 to the Buzzy DAO Friends With Benefits to Commission Art and Take Over Its Homepage
House of Lobkowicz Restores Czech Art Funded By NFTs
MicroStrategy Explored Options From Art to Real Estate Before Bitcoin Buys, New CEO Says
Jim Carrey Releases Second NFT ‘Goon In Moonlight’
The Weeknd just spent $70k on art from Vancouver's Fvckrender | Curated
No title
Art Industry News: Super Goof Jim Carrey Partners With His Daughter on a Wacky New NFT + Other Stories
What NFTs Can Learn from Art and Luxury
Visions of the Future, Saatchi Art's New Photography NFT Collection, Debuts August 24
Visions of the Future, Saatchi Art's New Photography NFT
The Dawn Of The Bitcoin Art Renaissance
Jim Carrey on His Latest NFT Art, Working With The Weeknd and Remembering Bob Saget (Exclusive)
Ancient Czech Republic's Family Is Selling NFTs To Cover Conservation Costs
How to Buy NFTs Without Owning Crypto
Upcoming Drops: August 8-14
Balance in All Things: Make Sure Your Portfolio is Diversified By Investing in NFT Art |
How to Create an NFT
Launch "Coalsentia", The First Record Label To Integrate Art, Technology And Crypto
A slice of the punk: Cryptopunk NFT to be split into 56,000 pieces
Memphis Brooks Hires LACMA Deputy as Director, Martha Stewart Interviews Ai Weiwei, and More: Morning Links for July 27, 2022
What Will Be Asia’s Next Art-Market Capital? A Q&A With Hong Kong Collector Alan Lo on Where the Smart Money Is Headed
ADVOCARTSY + MetaMural launch NFT collection IRANIAN MINT featuring nine Iranian artists.
How NFT art changed the landscape - SWI
Affairs of the art: Why NFT creators have fallen for Tezos
Tiffany's sells out custom Cryptopunk 'NFTiff' pendants for $50,000 each
Has AI finally made Bored Ape NFTs artistic?
Artist Jin Shangyi's Framed NFT Sells Out In 18 Minutes
This Week In Techdirt History: July 31st – August 6th
Proof-of-work: The Bitcoin artists on minting NFTs and OpenSea
Bitcoin Art: 5 Places That Sell Physical Crypto-Inspired Artwork
From Notre Dame’s Dramatic Reopening to More Activists Gluing Themselves to Art: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week
The Art World Has a Problem. But NFTs May Offer 'a Real Solution'
NFT Envy Allegedly Leads to a Dust-Up in the Hamptons, Nicolas Party Knocks Off His Own Work, and More Juicy Art-World Gossip
After More Than a Year of Keeping Their Faces Hidden, the Bored Ape Yacht Club Founders Appear on Camera for the First Time
It's never been easier to steal art
Daily Deal: The 2022 Data-Driven Decisions Bundle
10 African Artists Using Technology as Their Canvas
Art Industry News: Damien Hirst Throws His ‘100 Percent Support’ Behind NFTs With Plans to Burn Even More of His Art + Other Stories
Tiffany & Co. NFT Drop Raises $12.5M After Instant Sellout
Influencers and antiques? How a new generation is transforming the market
Emily Lazar NFT Artist Interview
Artist Damien Hirst Will Burn Thousands of Paintings in NFT Experiment
Tezos NFT Market Continues To Shine In July Despite Crypto Market Tumble
First NFT art gallery in Latvia opens in Rīga
What is an NFT? How Non-Fungible Tokens Took Over Crypto
CryptoDickbutts Ethereum NFTs Surge 690% in Daily Sales Volume
Why Ethereum NFT Creators Are Giving Away Commercial Rights—To Everyone
Why Musician and Ethereum NFT Artist Jimmy Edgar is Skeptical of Music NFTs
Meta begins rolling out NFTs worldwide.
How the Cryptostrikers Artist Elevated Indonesian Pop-Art With NFTs
MakersPlace to Auction NFT in Honor of Jerry Garcia's 80th Birthday
Young Artists and Make-A-Wish International Turn NFT Art Into Wishes
Zedge Introduces 'NFTs Made Ea
Pre-Framed NFTs Aim to Make Crypto Art More Approachable
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