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Beeple's latest NFT sells to runner-up of $69 million auction
NFT art is so hot now, even robots are trying to cash in
Artists, Startups Look to Solve the NFT Buyer’s Dilemma: How to Show Off Digital Art
NFT-related stocks jump as investors look to break into the red-hot digital art market
Billionaire Mark Cuban is building a digital art gallery for NFTs
Christie's Gave Away Free NFTs & Now They're Worth Thousands
Art Industry News: The Guggenheim Is Looking for an MBA to Teach It About NFT Art (But Just Pay Them an Intern’s Salary) + Other Stories
Leon Black Departs Apollo, the Rise of Beeple, and More: Morning Links from March 23, 2021
Crypto Windfalls Are in the Tokens Driving the Digital Art Boon
Here Are the 10 Most Expensive NFT Artworks, From Beeple’s $69 Million Opus to an 18-Year-Old’s $500,000 Vampire Queen
Superchief Opens First NFT Art Gallery in New York
This NFT artist is exploring what a real-world gallery would look like for digital art
The looming legal and regulatory questions NFT collectors and sellers should prepare for
NFTs Are Shaking Up the Art World—But They Could Change So Much More
NFTs Are Facing a Bubble, but Crypto Art Platforms in It for the Long Term
He sold a piece NFT art for $69 million. Now this digital artist declares the market is a giant ‘bubble’
Twitter's first ever tweet sells for £2.1m in crypto-art auction
Wait, Did Anyone Actually Look at Beeple’s Work?
The Gray Market: Why the Hack of Nifty Gateway Raises Far-Reaching Questions About the Entire NFT Market (and Other Insights)
NFT digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia up for auction
In 2018, Christie’s Gave Away 300 Free NFTs. The Few People Who Didn’t Throw Them Out Are Now Selling Them for Over $10,000
Beeple Says NFT Art Is 'Absolutely' In A Bubble After Making $69M In Such A Sale
China social media star Bart Baker to drop 8 NFTs with DeFine Art
11 of the most expensive pieces of crypto art ever sold, from Beeple to Steve Aoki
Crypto art could become a primary source of income for musicians and potentially cut out major labels
Why would anyone spend millions for crypto art on what's essentially a link to a JPEG file?
Crypto art goes mainstream as Beeple's digital canvas sells for R1bn
NFT mania is here, and so are the scammers
An explanation of NFT art, from Chicago artist
Patrick Mahomes’ NFT Art Hauls in $3.7 Million
Why people are spending millions on NFTs, without a guarantee
The Buyers of the $69 Million Beeple Reveal Their True Identities—and Say the Purchase Was About Taking a Stand for People of Color
From the End of Amanda Schmitt’s ‘Artforum’ Saga to Beeple’s Offensive Imagery: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week
$69 Million Non-Fungible Token Sale Mixes High Art and Cryptocurrency Worlds
Climate-Positive Crypto Art: The Next Big Thing Or NFT Overreach?
Antiques dealer launches NFT—of his 17th-century Delftware vase
Why Would Anyone Buy Crypto Art – Let Alone Spend Millions on What's Essentially a Link to a JPEG File?
The Art Newspaper is hiring: Commercial Partnership and Fairs Manager (London-based)
You can now buy a piece of a New Orleans Mardi Gras 'house float' to support local artists
Antiques dealer launches NFT—of his 17th-century Delftware vase
Pringles sold gold NFT artwork called 'CryptoCrisp,' gets bids over $539
Down in the Mine
High-net-worth millennials are disrupting the art market with crypto
Why NFT Speculation Has Shares of Takung Art, Jiayin Group, and Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Flying Today
Digital NFT Art Is Booming—But at What Cost?
What are NFTs and should designers be thinking about crypto art?
Art Industry News: Two Bungling Thieves Broke Into the MFA Houston and Made a Dramatic Escape With Exactly Nothing + Other Stories
‘This Was a $69 Million Marketing Stunt’: Why Crypto Purists Say Beeple’s Mega-Millions NFT Isn’t Actually an NFT at All
Art World Gets Crash Course in NFTs; a Frenzy Ensues
Looking to ‘New Era for the Art World,’ Christie’s Restructures Marquee May Sales
Why would anyone buy 'crypto art'?
A jpeg for $70m: welcome to the strange world of cryptocurrency art
NFTs are in the toilet: Charmin is selling toilet paper-themed crypto art
Crypto Art In The Digital World: What Is An NFT?
He just spent $69 million on a digital piece of art. It’s not his first Beeple.
Sotheby’s Enters NFT Digital Art Market, Considers Broader Cryptocurrency Options
Reports of Stolen Art on NFT Marketplace Raise Issues for Crypto Collectors
What's an NFT? Behind the boom for digital collectibles
Rapper Ja Rule launches NFT business—and is selling an infamous painting from Fyre Festival on it
Rapper Ja Rule launches NFT platform—and is selling a painting from infamous Fyre Festival on it
Auction house Sotheby's enters NFT world through collaboration with digital artist Pak
Not to Be Left Out, Sotheby’s Wades Into NFTs With an Auction by the Anonymous Digital Artist Pak
Mysterious Artist Pak to Collaborate with Sotheby’s for NFT Sale
Rapper Ja Rule is selling a physical painting from his Fyre Festival days as crypto art
Famed auction house Sotheby's is getting in on the crypto-art craze
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