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NFT art marketplace SuperRare closes $9 million Series A
Takashi Murakami Launches His First-Ever NFT Art Piece
Damien Hirst to Debut 10,000 Works on Paper on ‘Environmentally Friendly’ NFT Platform
Comedic Legend John Cleese Tells Us Why He’s Poking Fun at the ‘Completely Arbitrary’ Art Market by Selling His Own NFT
ConsenSys launches a more energy-efficient NFT ecosystem with a project from artist Damien Hirst as its first drop
How Women Are Carving Out a Space of Their Own in the NFT Market
Investors pour $9 million into SuperRare crypto art market
Crypto Art — a modern day digital gold rush for art collectors and young artists alike
NFT breakthrough: Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin creates 99% energy efficient blockchain—and Damien Hirst is its first artist
Crypto investor who bought Beeple's NFT for $69 million says he would have paid even more
NFTs have completely transformed these digital artists' lives
ConsenSys announces layer-two NFT platform, Palm, to compete with Flow
One of world’s most advanced robot sells digital art via NFT for around $700,000
Look Inside the World's First Physical NFT Gallery
Watch Saturday Night Live explain crypto art in an Eminem parody
Crypto Art NFTs With ‘Superpowers’ Ether Cards Sell $9M in One Day
Louvre Puts Collection Online, S.F. Plans Guaranteed Income for Artists, and More: Morning Links from March 29, 2021
Seattle artists are making a mint with NFTs and crypto art
Justin Sun Reveals JUST NFT Fund for Artworks Worth at Least $1 Million
The Gray Market: How Deep-Pocketed Crypto-Collectors Are Rushing Into an Old Art-Market Trap (and Other Insights)
Basquiat and Beeple Lead 2021's Priciest Works at Auction
NFTs are not just for art: As technology matures, more uses will emerge?
NFTs are here to stay and the art world is having to catch up fast
Bubble or no bubble? A well-known artist weighs in on the NFT craze
Can more artists get rich in the NFT crypto art market?
Here’s What Sold at Art Basel’s Semi-Exclusive ‘Pioneers’ Online Viewing Room, Which Included Only 100 Dealers
A robot just sold its NFT artwork for almost $700,000
From a Gallery’s Removal of the Sackler Name to the Sale of the World’s Largest Painting: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week
A NYC gallery just became the first to display crypto art physically — see how it works
Ghent Altarpiece Goes Home, Big-Time Basquiat Heads to Auction, and More: Morning Links from March 26, 2021
'Excitement around NFTs:' Beeple reflects on selling digital NFT art for almost $70M
Art Industry News: An NFT Artwork Made by a Celebrity Android Sold for $688,888, Finally Making Humans Irrelevant + Other Stories
NFT as Memento: Adapting Existing Artworks as Digital Collectibles –
World’s first major crypto art show opens in Beijing
The carbon footprint of creating and selling an NFT artwork
Crypto-art craze reaches China at 'NFT' exhibition
The Art Angle Podcast: How NFTs Are Changing the Art Market as We Know It
Q&A: Artist Beeple on selling NFT collage for a record $70M
Non-Fungible Tokens Issued on Distributed Ledger: Digital Art & Music
The story of FEWOCiOUS: A teenage crypto-art icon
The New York Times made a crypto art piece as a joke. It sold for R8.4 million, in 24 hours.
A crypto art piece made as a joke by The New York Times just sold for more than $560,000 in 24 hours
Ja Rule sells $122,000 Fyre Festival NFT artwork – with real painting thrown in
Sophia the robot ‘created’ an NFT artwork and it sold for almost $700K
Know Your Rights: Can I Make an NFT of Someone Else’s Artwork? + More Artists-Rights’ Questions, Answered
NFTs: Legal Risks from “Minting” Art and Collectibles on Blockchain
Sacha Jafri £45m Painting - Art Dubai Launches - Tasweer Photo Festival
NFT Artwork by Sophia the Robot Sells for Nearly $700,000
Art Industry News: How an LA Gallery Owner Became World-Famous (It Involves Shrimp Tails and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) + Other Stories
Verify: What in the world are NFTs?
Londoner’s Diary: Jeremy Deller dips a toe in the latest art world craze
As more artists and musicians turn their attention to NFTs, so, likely, do money launderers
Some artists found a lifeline selling NFTs. Others worry it’s a trap.
Sophia the Robot 'self-portrait' NFT sells for almost $700K
I Visited the Digital Beeple Art Museum and All I Got Was an Aggressive Pitch for My Money
NFT artwork by humanoid robot sells at auction for nearly $700,000
Boy George to release new music and art as NFT
So You Just Bought an NFT. Here’s What That May Mean for Your Taxes
Why parts of the art world are calling out the ecological impacts of crypto art
NFT: Digital Mars house by artist Krista Kim sells for $500k
World's largest painting sells at Dubai auction for £45m
Art Industry News: ‘Shark Tank’ Billionaire Mark Cuban Is Launching a ‘Super-Easy’ Gallery for NFTs Called + Other Stories
How to mint an artwork as an NFT with Jeremy Deller
Sacha Jafri's 'world's largest painting', made in a Dubai hotel during lockdown, sells for $62m
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