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Mail-Art Company, Tellinga, Now Offers Non-fungible Token (NFT) Crypto Art as Part of Custom-Created Mailing Experiences - Unique Digital Gifts Backed by Power of the Blockchain
NFTs Are Hot, But Patchwork of Laws, Rules Needs Watching
Sotheby's vs Christie's: Billionaire Art Auction Houses Just Love NFTs
Some of the World’s Top Artists Are Trying Their Hand at NFTs. The World’s Top Galleries Are a Bit More Skeptical
Editors Picks: 11 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week, From a Talk With Jordan Casteel to Rashid Johnson at Storm King
These Black Artists Say NFTs Help Them Monetize Their Work - CoinDesk
M.I.A. Announces NFT Art Exhibit
Opinion: Why crypto art could possibly be the future of the art industry
Opinion: Why crypto art could possibly be the future of the art industry
Market Giants Team Up to Sell Urs Fischer NFTs: ‘This Is a Decentralization’
All you wanted to know about... Non-Fungible Tokens
Artists Jump Into NFTs, Seeing a Digital Bonanza
Art Industry News: David Hockney Speaks Out on NFTs, Calling Them ‘Silly Little Things’ for ‘Crooks and Swindlers’ + Other Stories
NFTs in Beijing — ‘Who gets to decide the value of art?’
Robot's NFT Art Sells for Over $688K
SNL's NFT Sketch Is Now an NFT Up for Bid as Art Imitates Art Imitating Art... - CoinDesk
Sophia the robot sells art for $688,888 and now eyes career in music
Sophia the Robot Sells NFT Art for Over $600K
Masterpiece! Digital art NFT from Sophia – world's first robot citizen – sells for $688,888
NFTs are helping artists solve a vital problem: who owns digital artwork?
Beeple NFT Underbidder Justin Sun Revealed As $ 20M Picasso Buyer -
How to buy an NFT | News
From a Salvator Mundi NFT to Nike’s Lawsuit Over Satanic Sneakers: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week
Phillips Is Entering the Digital Fray With the Sale of a Mad Dog Jones NFT That Will Generate New NFTs Every Month
NFT as Joke
Art Industry News: There Are Signs That the Taint of ‘Tech Bro Culture’ Is Already Sinking the Sky-High NFT Market + Other News
Screen Time at the ‘World’s First Physical NFT Gallery,’ Whatever That Means
Italy Nixes Venice Cruises, Lucas Museum Delays Opening, and More: Morning Links from April 2, 2021
Amid Crypto Craze, Phillips to Auction Self-Generating NFT ‘Experience’ by Mad Dog Jones
Maine Man's Digital Art Gallery Is at the Forefront of the NFT Market
Crypto-art investors could face a surprise on tax day since NFTs can lead to a hefty tax bill
What the Tech? How to buy digital artwork or 'non-fungible-tokens'
The 20 Top-Selling NFT Artists to Collect Right Now
A year of viewing art virtually: the best and worst of AR and VR art created during the pandemic
What the Tech? Buying and Selling NFT Art - Alabama News
What the Tech? See NFT Art - Alabama News
Crypto Investor Justin Sun Revealed as Buyer of $20 M. Picasso
Looking to Expand Digital and NFT Offerings, Pace Gallery Hires Its First Online Sales Director
The Crypto Investor Who Underbid the $69 Million Beeple NFT Has Moved on to Buying His Second Choice: Picasso
An Art Historian Just Minted an NFT of Salvator Mundi Holding a Fistful of Bills—and He’s Hoping to Sell It for $450 Million
An NFT Version of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ Will Be Auctioned Off Soon
The Weeknd to drop NFT song and artwork this weekend
Art Industry News: DC’s Portrait Gallery Will Unveil a Placeholder Trump Portrait While the Fancy Real One Gets Cooked Up + Other Stories
NFTs: why digital art has such a massive carbon footprint
Pared down and profit sharing: here are the sales from Art Dubai, this year's first physical fair
Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi—the world's most expensive work of art—to be turned into an NFT
How the art market turned upside down—in one month
The Biggest Video NFT Drop Event in Asia Ended With 103.5 ETH on Define Art
A Mainer's digital art gallery raised $9M on the latest crypto craze
We Asked the Art World to Explain NFTs, and No One Could
Damien Hirst hands NFT launch to eco-platform Palm
Passover NFT fetches over $4,000 in charity auction
The Weeknd unveils NFT with unique song and artwork
What the Tech? A chat with an artist about the growing popularity of crypto-art
Artist Martine Syms and Lil Miquela Creator Trevor McFedries on Why You Don’t Need to Find Your Purpose Before You’re 30
After Declaring His Business on the Brink of Bankruptcy, Takashi Murakami Is Auctioning a Collection of Smiley-Flower NFTs
The Weeknd will sell an unreleased song and visual art via NFT auction
What Cos. Need To Know Before Entering Nascent NFT Market
What the Tech? Chat with a crypto artist
Art Industry News: Damien Hirst Is Launching a New Eco-Friendly NFT Series About ‘the Boundaries of Art and Currency’ + Other Stories
Sistine Chapel Restorer Dies, Ai Weiwei Talks Hong Kong Fracas, and More: Morning Links from March 31, 2021
Digital Art Mania Subsides After Breakout Month of Sales
NFT art boom has striking similarities with 2017 bust
‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ to Have First Major Motion Picture NFT Art Release
As NFTs Soar, Experts Warn of an Unsustainable Bubble
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